Super Final Climb (BMC YCS Round 3), White Spider Climbing

Toby Roberts in BMC YCS Regional Qualifiers, winning Super Final with a hard fought climb

Toby won Round 3 of the BMC YCS with this Super Final climb. Although in Boys D, a harder climb was required to split the field so a lead route was used from Boys B.

This meant that the climbers were required to ‘unclip’ a top route on an overhanging wall – a skill that would of almost certainly been new to the 2 climbers required.

Toby struggled to unclip the top rope, having to show real determination to stay on the wall and claim the high point.

1 thought on “Super Final Climb (BMC YCS Round 3), White Spider Climbing”

  1. Toby! Amazing and super proud of what you did today in the super final! The video just doesn’t do what you did today any justice! You never cease to amaze me. Love Mummy xxxx❤️


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