Episode 4. Innsbruck Training: 9a Redpoint Vs 8c+ Onsight – watch an insane 5 days training for World Cups

Follow 5 days of Innsbruck training including 9a redpoint & 8c+ onisght attempts as Toby Roberts tries to prepare for the Lead Climbing World Cups whilst keeping one eye on the Prague Boulder World Cup this weekend…

Find out what is involved to try and compete at the highest level in both Lead and Boulder.

Can training for 2 disciplines benefit each other?

How do you manage skin whilst training with a Boulder World Cup to focus on?

What’s the difference between winter training compared to in competition training?

And most importantly, ‘what is their obsession with palming on dual-texture holds?’

Don’t miss an unbelievable training video at Innsbruck – the worlds best indoor Lead Climbing centre…

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